Lockdown weight loss story of Dr Neha Gaur

  • Author: Dr. Neha Gaur (P.T.)

Lockdown weight loss story of Dr Neha Gaur

1.Whether you want to lose weight, get back in shape or simply become fitter and stronger, the weight loss journey of 38-year-old Dr Neha Gaur is bound to inspire you. After Neha gained a lot of weight post her second delivery, she started struggling with a host of health conditions. Her weight loss journey is an example that almost everything is possible in life, you just have to be dedicated enough!

Name: Dr Neha Gaur

Occupation: Physiotherapist & Certified fitness trainer

Age: 38 Years

Height: 5 feet 1 inch

City: Ghaziabad

Highest weight recorded: 73kg

Weight Lost: 25kg

Duration it took me to lose weight: 7 months

The turning point: I had slowly gained a lot of weight post my second delivery in the year 2015 as I weighed 75 kilos. Along with all the extra kilos, I also started encountering a series of health issues including high thyroid levels and low vitamin D levels.