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About Heal2Fit

Heal2Fit is a one stop destination for all your fitness needs & is serving society since 2015. We understand needs of our clients and strongly believe in hand holding through our people-centric approach. Here at Heal 2 Fit we provide a comprehensive range of fitness solutions ranging from weight management, Fitness sessions, Yoga sessions, HIIT, Antenatal & Postnatal classes, Diet counselling etc., to highlight a few.

Backed by a strong & experienced team of Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Gynaecologist & Fitness Trainer, we are not only providing services to domestic patients but are now catering to overseas clients as well. With an aim to extend healthy living & fitness to each individual, we have customized offerings basis needs & requirements of an individual.

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Why Heal 2 Fit

Many people still think that free weight training is only for individual who wants to get either a masculine body or just want to lose weight. In today’s scenario, collective class for cardio and other activities such as Aerobics, Power Yoga, Zumba, HIIT not only boost your confidence but also helps you to achieve overall physical & mental fitness.

Currently, perception of the exhaustive exercise & weight training is changing from what it used to be in past. Now, people are getting aware that fitness routines and workouts are no longer an optional activity, but is a part of daily routine.

We always say & firmly believe that “Age & Weight are just the numbers” & we can get into active & disciplined lifestyle as & when we want to get started.

About Dr Neha Gaur (PT)

Dr. Neha- Founder Heal 2 Fit is a Physiotherapist by profession with Master Degree in Cardiology. She also holds certifications in Yoga, Nutrition, Pilates & antenatal & post-natal education. She is also a certified fitness trainer. Endorsed by 15+ years of work experience, she has served various Hospitals in Senior Clinical profiles. For last 10 years, Dr. Neha has been closely associatedwith renowned gynaecologists in the area for running antenatal & post-natal programmes for their patients.

The idea of starting her own venture clicked in 2015, when Dr. Neha realized that Physiotherapy & Fitness training makes a perfect combination in accessing individual needs & then suggesting fitness regime basis experience. This in-fact forms a USP of Heal 2 Fit as here its not just about exercising with individuals with different body strength but a one-to-one diet & exercise plan basis individual capacity & fitness need. With vast clinical experience, it is more helpful in understanding basic anatomy & physiology of a person & suggesting customized exercise options according to their physical restrictions & mobility.

My Story

I want to share my weight loss & fitness journey which for me, is motivational & inspirational to many people who are going through a lot of pressure with regards to age, society & many other socio-economic & psychological factors. Through my experience, I just want all of them to believe that AGE & WEIGHT IS JUST A NUMBER!!

At 38 years of age I was able to transform myself from 73 kg to 45 kg in just 6 months with only home-based food & exercises!

It was in 2015, after my delivery, my body weight has reached to 67 kg & gradually increased to 73. Along with this weight gain, I started encountering with medical issues like increased thyroid, low Vit. D etc. which was adversely affecting my Health by now. Also, with increased weight, unsaid depression also started seeping in which was more due to my physical appearance. To overcome this stress, I even started overlooking my nutritional wellbeing and started abusing my body with all sort of Junk foods & untimely food habits. Being a Physical therapist & Fitness trainer, I was actually juggling between personal & professional work life balance & by now people use to judge me with my own appearance viz a viz my profession.

One fine day I realised that it is the high time now to start respecting & loving myself to become stronger both mentally & physically. Something deep in my mind just triggered, that nothing is impossible & everything is achievable. This was then, that I started thinking on these aspects & started bringing in discipline in overall aspects of fitness.

We Are Ready To Help You To Get Perfect Fitness!

Exercise is really important - it's therapeutic. So whenever you are feeling tensed or stressed or about to have a meltdown, just put on your earpod and start your fitness regieme.