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  • Author: Dr. Neha Gaur (P.T.)

Myth Buster Excercises V/S Diet

1. Exercises are not just meant for weight loss.

2. Exercises are not just for obese or fat people.

3. Weight controlling only by crash diet does not actually indicates our fitness.

4. Regular exercises works not only on your physical health but takes care of mental health as well and helps to protect us from many lifestyles diseases and depression.

5. As we need balanced & proportionate nutrition for a healthy body similarly we need various forms of different exercises i.e; cardio, Strengthening exercises, HIIT Exercise, Yoga, etc for a fit body.

6. With only Dieting, one can achieve just weight loss but regular exercises boost your BMI & gives visible inch loss.

Combination of regular excercises, portion of control and clean home made diet completes you with a overall healthy,fit body and relax mind.