Monsoon fruits and their benefits

  • Author: Dt. Sonal Bhargav, Heal2Fit (Nutritionist)

Fruits are loaded with vitamins,minerals antioxidants and soluble fibers . We can consume them as in-between meal it is a healthy choice of a snack and for this you don't need to cook and it's a handy option to carry also . It also helps your sugar craving and it reduces risk of developing diseases and also keeps ur body well hydrated

Why we should have seasonal and local fruits more?

Seasonal fruits are naturally ripen in the sun and are fresh taste better and have highest amount of nutrients and antioxidants and phytonutrients and top of this its pocket friendly.

Where as produce loses nutritional value the longer it stored and transported So it's a monsoon now and in fruits we have jamun pear plum and amla are in season


  • N.V PER 100GMS
  • Calories - 62 kcal
  • CHO- 14gm
  • Calcium- 15mg
  • Iron - 0.43mg
  • Vitamin C - 18mg

If you have bloting diabetes PCOD and any hormonal issues you must add this in your diet


  • N.V PER 100GMS
  • Calories- 50 kcal
  • Calcium 10mg
  • Iron 0.6 mg
  • Vitamin C 5mg
  • Potassium 157mg
  • Dietary fiber 1.4 gm

This fruit is really good for your heart,blood pressure, anxiety, blood sugar, and your bone health. Can have this 1st thing in the morning.


  • N.V PER 100GMS
  • Calories 52 kcal
  • Calcium 8mg
  • Iron 0.5 mg
  • Dietary fiber 3.1 gm

This fruit is good for your heart .it's rich in vitamins C and A so it's also good during pregnancy. It is good source of copper and magnesium so it helps you in the production of blood, development of fetus, and also regulate ur stress and fatigue and improves ur digestion.


  • N.V PER 100GMS
  • Calories 58 kcal
  • Calcium 50 mg
  • Iron 1.2mg
  • Vitamin C 600mg
  • Dietary fiber 3.4

Good for your liver, diabetes, blood pressure, boost immunity, treat anemia, good for ur skin hair and eye too we can say amla is a small fruit with a best health benefits .

What fruits have to avoid and why Watermelon musk melon and mango?

Although in monsoon also we have to stay hydrated but not by consuming melons as they are perishable and can easily, contaminated Mango is also a summer fruit but we have to stop eating mangoes during rain as there is a risk of fungal and bacterial growth and some times you may found worm inside these fruits.
So to protect yourself from stomach infections have yo stop consuming these fruits.

Stay healthy stay safe in this monsoon...