How I Reversed My Number

  • Author: Dr. Neha Gaur (P.T.)

How I Reversed My Number - Dr. Neha Gaur

On 21st- December, I will be celebrating my 38th Birthday.

Honestly speaking, my transformation from Just being a Physiotherapist to Physio & Fitness trainer; from just being an employee to being an employer & an entrepreneurhas not been a cakewalk & was full of challenges & commotion. But as it is commonly said “Dreams are not what you see during sleep, rather dreams are something which don’t let you sleep!!” And for me, my transition is nothing less than a dream come true.

At 38 years of age, I was able to transform myself from 73 kg to 45 kg in just 8 months with only home-based food & exercises. This made me strongly believe that “Age & Weight are just Numbers!”

After my delivery, my body weight has reached to 67 kg & gradually increased to 73. Eventually, I started facing medical issues like increased thyroid, low Vit. D etc. To overcome this stress, I even started overlooking my nutritional wellbeing Being a Physical therapist & Fitness trainer, I was actually juggling between personal & professional work life balance & by now people use to judge or at times body shame me with my appearance viz a viz my profession.This was then, that I started thinking about myself& started bringing in discipline in overall aspects of fitness.

I started working on myself from January this year & got into complete fitness regime by March. Off late, due to ongoing pandemic situation, the nationwide lockdown was announced & I was left with just limited resources to continue with my journey. I took this as a challenge & decided that rather than cribbing on not having sophisticated equipment, lets convert this exigency to an opportunity by utilizing all the resources available at home & alternatively addressing my nutritional needs through home cooked food.

Today, I thought to share some of the tips that would help to bring in some confidence to all those people out there who are somewhere knowingly or unknowingly struggling & dealing with these challenges’ day in & day out.

Few Tips for your ready reference:

Phase I: Active Weight Loss


1. Go for Calorie Deficit diet.

2. Restrict yourself to lessor number of caloriesthan your body needs.


1. Start active lifestyle

2. Focus on full body fat burning exercises.

3. Build up your stamina & endurance.

Phase II: Maintenance Phase


Go for Clean diet with simple home cooked food.


• Breakfast- Add fat & Protein rich diet,

• Lunch- Balanced mix of Carbs, Protein & Fibres in portion.

• Dinner-High Fibre, Protein diet.


Now focus on Inch loss.

Focus on workouts to enhance strengthening, toning & Flexibility.

Continue maintaining active lifestyle through strong determination, exercises & portion control


Don’t give up once you achieve your fitness goals, rather make Fitness as integral part of your life by regular exercises with portion control clean diet & most importantly make it your lifestyle by determination and discipline.