Exercises durning pregnancy: Myth Busters

  • Author: Dr. Neha Gaur (P.T.)

Exercises durning pregnancy: Myth Busters

1. Walking is only option available for exercising during pregnancy.

Commonly muscular pains occur because of laxity in muscle, tendons and ligaments, which could be managed by regular stretching exercises.

2. Back pain is part of normal pregnancy.

70% of back pain happens due to bad posture. This can be corrected by proper postural training under supervision.

3. Exercises are only required for assistance in natural birth.

Prenatal exercises not only helps in increasing mobility and flexibility but also helps in faster recovery post delivery.

4. High calorie diet helps to increase baby weight and contribute to a healthy baby.

Balanced nutritional diet with all components of protein, carbohydrates, fats etc. in proportion, helps to increase baby weight rather increasing weight of only mother.

5. Entire journey of pregnancy should be focused on physical health and nutritional supplements.

Emotional wellbeing is equally important for healthy baby and overall pregnancy experience. Meditation and breathing exercises helps to attain mental health along with physical wellbeing.

Exercises under guidance and supervision of prenatal educators helps in striking a strong balance in physical and mental health and thus makes entire journey more enriching.